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Default 😍🐶Weekend fun!☀️🌺

Originally Posted by elaina View Post
I love the pics of Ava and Braxton together !! I may need to get Ellie one of those pretty dog collar tags. where did you get them ?

love the NY brunch top on Ava. I still need one for Minnie. Tootsie has one and Ellie has one and another one on the way.

your romantic dinner looks delicious. what kind of meat was that ? I only recognize the sauce and the mashed potatoes. Love your channel bag too

I saw on my PP account order page that the cupcake mon tank I ordered for Minnie was out of stock . so, instead , I got an organic top for Minnie and one for Tootsie and just had to pay alittle bit more money cause it was there 40% sale I had ordered from.

my DC order from May 14 was just marked shipped

Hi Elaina! Was thinking bout you. The tag that Ava is wearing is from Furry friends ID on etsy. She has another tag with some pretty stones on it that's from Love Frankie and Lola on etsy. They've held up very well, I bought them a year ago.

That dinner was soooo good. It's from a restaurant called Bakersfield. It was chicken and it was very fresh and they soak it in buttermilk before they cook it. It was a really good dinner. We never fry food at home or eat fried food too often. But it was a tasty treat.

Thanks so much, Ava and Brax were matching that day in their brunch tees. They both have it in the same color. I still need to get Kendall and Bailey one. I'm trying to wait for that second DC order I put in, so I can try the sm/med on and see how they fit before buying anymore.

Wow I can't believe how quickly the Cupcakemon sold out. It was such a cute tee. I think they need to make more colors when they release those other cupcake tanks.

I didn't put in another DC order since the sale was only 25%. Hopefully she will have another sale soon.
I also have been tempted to order more Pariero, but haven't. I'm trying to be good lol. It's hard!

My order with the Leo dress came in. If I don't get any pics today, I'll try and get some soon.

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