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Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Omg! These my little love Carolina. Firstly, she looks gorgeous in the Panda tank. I'm still waiting to hear from Pariero about ordering me the panda, smile and Ichigo.
Secondly, is it just me or is she getting fuzzier? Her coat is looking great and it looks like she's filling out and staring to look like a little lady.
Thanks for sharing. I miss her❤️
Thanks Meoshia! I love the panda tank. I was thinking about getting a couple more things too since almost everything is on sale now, but they always sell out of the small sizes right away. I ordered the panda tank right away then saw it went on sale a week later. I just didn't want to take the chance of it selling out. I keep saying I'm going to stop shopping for a little while, but never do, lol. I'm still waiting for my order's from PP & DC when they ran 40% off. Hopefully they will ship soon.

Her coat is getting longer. I think she's filled out a little more in the last couple months, but when I had her to the vet a week ago, she weighed the same as she did in March. I even asked them to re-weigh her because she feels a little more solid to me. Can she fill out without gaining any weight? I thought for sure she would have gained an ounce or two, but they insist she didn't.
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