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Default Meet Tyrion! (New Addition)

This is Tyrion a very new addition to the family. And yet another Chihuahua mix. I actually just picked him up today from his previous owners home. They were my brothers neighbors and between 13 cats and 8 kids they decided that their little dog was too much work. They also didn't like how hyper he was around the kids so he was being kept in a cage in the backyard .

Needless to say, I couldn't say no.

He is a 1 year old chihuahua/pomeranian/poodle mix. His owner said she bought him off craigslist from a "breeder". She told me when she picked him up he was flea infested and full of worms...Poor guy has not had an awesome first year.

He seems to have zero training. Doesn't know basic commands has zero leash training. He actually went on his first real walk EVER today when I took him on a two hour hike and then since have taken him on walks around the neighborhood. He likes to go, go, GO, and can easily out do my Lab mix lol. So he definitely needs a lot of work. But I am able and willing! Even took my week vacation from work so that I have the week to get him settled.

Anyways...Here he is!

He likes to "groom" Morrison...especially his ears lol.

Leia says "EW! I don't want an ear cleaning from you!"


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