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Default ☀️80 and sunny, 🌺Pariero Camelia tank and Ava pics

Originally Posted by elaina View Post
ohhh, I love the Camelia tank on Ava !!! how do you like the other Pariero you got ? I cant wait to get my Pariero order. I see that the new Paris tank with the bear on the Eifel tower is out now but i'm going to wait to put in another Pariero order ...

the dinner your boyfriend made looks delicious . especially the grilled eggplant . yummmmy

and I love the last pic you posted of you and Ava . very pretty pic !!

Hi Elaina! Thank you! I wasn't expecting my order so quickly. It came in yesterday. The Camelia tank is a great buy! Wow! I love that it's mesh and sleeveless and now I def wish I'd ordered the other color for Brax. I saw that Paris tank. Like you, I think I'll wait to put in another order too. Toshiki did tell me he'd order me the fries tanks though. I assume that'll come with your order to LA. Then I want to get the other Camelia, maybe 1 or 2 paris, a pink smile, and the green Ichigo if they are still available oh and beige dot top. I love the mint dot top! Omg so cute. And the pink dress with that flower is cute too. I'll have to snap some pics of those. And I saw that pineapple tank by Wooflink. ❤️it! Hopefully it's out before the 4th of July sale. I'd like to order it along with the new LD. Dinner was great. He's got me eating steak lol. Never used too. It was good

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