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Originally Posted by elaina View Post
I cant wait to see pics of Ava in the Leila dress and the dot tank. now that I have seen how cute the Camelia tank looks on Ava , I wish I got one for my girls too but ... if they are still available, I will order them with the Paris tanks if they are still available but i'm going to wait awhile, so most likely they will be sold out in Ellies size . that Pineapple tank looks like it runs short. it looked short on the Chihuahua in the pic. ( I think her name is Alice but not sure ). so, that could work good for Ellie.

I love steak once in awhile but it has to be cooked medium rare.

I am glad those twists are removable on the Paris tanks. I don't think I'm as crazy about the twist straps but I do love the saying in the tank and print and design. I also got a yellow smile tank size small. It is roomy on brax as I suspected it would be, but she can pull it off. It does fit Bailey better. So I think I'll try and get a pink one in a small. I saw yesterday that there's still some stock. I love that dot top. The colors seem similar to those polka dot hoodies we bought last summer. I have a bright colored SL collar that matches perfect. Maybe I'll put that one on Ava tomorrow and try and snap a pic in the morning. I can't wait to see the rest of Wooflink collection.

The dot top colors are similar to this

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