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Originally Posted by Cait93x View Post
Hahaha I actually love the faces Lilo pulls she genuinely looks like she's going into battle.
Rocky is just looking at her like "Alright calm down girl"
They look so happy!! Especially Rocky running about.
I would never guess that was in London!! Great pics glad you's all had a ball !!
She does look like she means business when they play! haha And Rocky's expressions on all the pictures I took were so funny. He looks innocent there in comparison, but he's quite cheeky too.

Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Omg I love the polka dots on Lilo! She is a tiny little thing. Gorgeous photos and scenery. It looks like you and bf had a fun time with the pups. Those fighting pics are so comedic!😂😂reminds me of myself and little bro when we were young...awwww!
Aww thanks, it's a new harness. I felt like she needed a proper girly one. She is so tiny and skinny. I think she tends to look bigger than she is on pictures, but in person she looks so tiny and fragile. lol And yeah they're pretty funny together, they do remind me of brothers and sisters fighting sometimes. haha

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