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Default Qs on socialisation and ibd

Honey is 5.5 years old now and she was attacked when she was about 6 months old and more recently she got biffed on the head by springer spaniels on several occasions. So she barks at other dogs because she is scared of them. I now live in a seperate annexe and mum lives in the main house with Patch who honey is fine with but they ignore each other.

Honey has had a recent second bout of illness which sent her to the specialists again and they think she has ibd and each time she also had pancreatitis (plus an undiagnosed growth on her bladder that doesn't seem to be a tumour or growing). She is on a kibble only because it is all she can tolerate and has gained back the weight but she doesn't really play and she goes for walks but won't walk the whole thing, and she has forgotten any training and basically just sleeps a lot. She comes and licks me then goes back to bed after a couple of minutes. In the morning she has a wee then breakfast then in bed without greeting me. Does anyone know if this is normal?

I also wonder how best to socialise her more? I did consider getting another dog when i moved in here but i'm not sure she would like it how she is now
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