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Default Opinions, thoughts and experience on adding a 3rd...please

Hi all, I know I've been off the board for about a just gets so busy with the fur kids of course, a daughter in Nursing school and my 2 jobs and since I'm on a computer all day with work, a lot of times the last thing I want to do is get back on one when I'm home, lol.

Carolina and Indy are doing great. I should post some new pictures, when I get around to taking some new ones.

On to the real question. An opportunity has presented itself twice to me in the last 3 months to add the same young adult female chi to our family. Is that a sign in itself? I'm just feeling really conflicted on one major area.. doing what's best for all of us, including this chi. She is available from a breeder that started showing her in confirmation, but has found she, the chi, does not appear to like it very much and as she finished growing (she's now 20 months and 4lbs 3 oz) her top line in not completely level, as her rear is a little higher than what she'd like for showing or breeding. Not a problem for pet obviously so she's offering her to a pet home. She is the same coloring as Carolina, red spotted on white, markings being a little different and of course that was my immediate attraction to her. As I've been going over in my head again this last week the pros and cons, most of the common ones are not an issue for me. Cons of added medical, total financial, providing a lifetime home, more time involved for a 3rd, etc.. Pros of another one to love, being able to provide a good home for her lifetime, not having to go through puppy stages and training, my current 2 having the personality and training to handle a 3rd coming into the household, Carolina having a sister to play with, as Indy is not big on playing all day, where Carolina is. The biggest thing I'm stuck on is changing the household dynamics and forming a "pack". I don't want Carolina's personality to change, Indy on the other hand might benefit from some "pack" type changes. Our current balance of 2 works as Carolina is completely a momma's girl and Indy is more of a daddy's boy. Is a 3rd going to upset Carolina that someone else is also getting my attention? There are times she doesn't want to let Indy sit next to me. She's never mean and never fights with him, she will just keep wiggling her way in between us until he moves over. We take our 2 on vacations with us and is a 3rd going to be too much? Is one of them going to feel left out? I also don't want to do this for my selfish reasons of wanting to have another chi to love and be in our family...I want to make sure it's a good choice for Carolina and Indy too and that they would benefit from it also.

Any input, thoughts, experiences or suggestions on anything else I should consider would greatly be appreciated.
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