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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
OMG! Skippy loves wearing clothes! He seems sad when I take them off. He doesn't sleep in PJ's but he does have some. I'm having a hard time finding the quality that I want for a price that is acceptable.
Aww Skippy is so adorable! Such a cute little face.

I definitely am having a hard time finding quality for less, but then again I would rather spend the amount for good quality that will last a while than spend less for cheaper quality items that won't last as long. I will likely be spending am arm and a leg for good quality dog coats and boots because Canadian winters are harsh and I'll be moving further north in two years time... I spent about 200 on my winter coat, why skimp on my dogs when they can't handle the cold as much as I can't?

Originally Posted by Jessicashield View Post
no you wont be the only one my millie has some although she doesn't like them very much I think its because she isn't keen on having clothing on her back legs, however she couldn't be more happy in a sweater or tee shirt. Maybe try and find some PJ's that are separates like a top and pants that way you can see if he just doesn't like wearing pants?

also if you want quality but don't want to pay over the odds then wait until theres a sale on at doggie couture shop then you always get a good deal
I have been definitely looking at the sales at Doggie Couture, but sadly, everything I want is already sold out by the time I look at it or there is no sizes for my little ones... which sucks. You pretty much have to be on that site right away when sales happen so that you can get the good prices with your sizes.
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