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Originally Posted by Mordnacht View Post
So... I've been looking at Pajama's for Perse for a while because Doggie Couture has some really frilly and cute ones that match the style I am forcing her to wear >_> But she loves wearing sweaters lol. That and she gets cold a lot more easily than Bella does because her coat doesn't have an undercoat like Bellas does. She also likes to sleep outside the blanket lately and I like to have the fan blasting and it can get cold at night... so I've been thinking of getting her some PJ's.

Does anyone else put their Chi's in PJ's at night or will I be the only weirdo here?
Could she be sleeping outside the blanket because she is warm? My Kipper will burrow into the blanket (and at times under the sleeping mattress in his crate) and other times just kick the blanket aside. Always figured it was temperature control.
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