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Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Is that ice cream pink ruff ruff hooded dress xs? So cute.

Ellie Mae puppy pics make me melt! Awwww��
all of these are size xxs. isn't it cute ! I love the pink ice cream cone hoodie dress . hehe. there are some more of her somewhere in other xxs rrc.

I do have some rrc in XS ( for 13.00 each ), but, I don't think I have the pink ice cream one. I may have the love and rock thermal dress that you saw Ellie in that day I went to the festival but changed her into the bunny hoodie instead .... if you want I can look for it. let me know...
oh, and... let me know if your still interested in the blue cupcake dress by hip doggie. I know I have some brand new ones in XS somewhere . I wasn't sure if you still wanted it ...
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