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Originally Posted by queenladydragon View Post
wicked pixie, thank you for the link. I watched a vid or two already and will give this a try. I do however, need input from others using the BB harnesses. Do they encourage pulling or does the design lessen the pulling desire. I know training is a big part of it, but Im wondering if the design of no strap across the chest helps in no pulling. Like a sled dog knows to pull when the harness is put on and it knows it has to work now. Hope that makes sense. thanx in advance.
I use Buddy Belts and they don't work as a no-pull harness, nor do they encourage pulling. It's really all about the training and not following the dog when it pulls. Teach Hunley to love the game shown in the kikopup video by playing it in the house and then start really short walks. 30 seconds or 1minute of fun happy treat filled walking from your front door out a few steps and back in will start to teach him that the game is the same outside the house too. 😀

Exercise him in different ways so that the walk is purely a training exercise and gradually walk for longer, always maintaining criteria of keeping a loose leash. I'll look forward to pics of your BB if you decide to get one, I love collecting them.
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