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You join a local All breed club and or go to shows in your area look at the chis get to know pedigrees. A great palce to go is to a specialty shows. you can find them on the chihuahua of america site. Do not search the internet for a show dog a genuine proven show breeder WILL NOT just sell you a dog. Go to the site it has valuable info on showing. It takes time to get a dog from a genuine ethical show breeder you must prove yourself they dont want to sell you a pup to breed with just to make money off of their dogs name and pedigree. never buy a chi before 6 months as you cant tell if it will be show worthy. and any breeder that sells you a dog if it turns out not to be show should take the dog and replace it if it has to do with very bad bites or other defects. A dog is only as good as the handler (you)working with it. hope this helps

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