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Coupaw probably only ships to USA, right? Too bad. Such a great deal. Yes, I will use 2 seats. My Toyota won't be big enough for 2 of these. lol But my old Lincoln is the dogs and my favorite trip car. I am so impressed with the safety of these. I keep thinking about roll overs as my daughter was in a very dramatic multiple roll over when she was 3.She hung from a booster seat for quite a until help came and then had to wait until the windshield was cut out to get her out. (She was not hurt and her grandmother had only broken bones, thank God). Anyway, I like the idea that it envelops the dog when needed. Some of the others look great, but in an accident I just don't see how they would restrain the dog safely. This actually looks more like a child seat than a dog seat. lol
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