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Originally Posted by woodard2009 View Post
WEll, APOQUEL is a BUST!!! Back to the incessant itching and chewing, up all night! Found some very negative posts on APOQUEL with the same results and many worse. I'm just glad that she hasn't been on it that long. Back to the old faithful Benedryl and vet visit, hopefully today. Really don't know why I'm taking her when I know there's nothing that can be done. I'm so frustrated and broken-hearted when she scratching her head and eyes and whimpering and all I know to do is wipe her face and eyes with a clean warm rag or smother her in coconut oil to cool the bright red skin. Something is very wrong with all these animals going through this and I know it's gotta be more than allergies. I just don't understand why all these test that are being done at vet offices cannot pinpoint what's askew. UGH!!
So Sorry! Hugs!

Thank you Jan896
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