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I'm sorry to hear that you're having to consider this.

Have you spoken with your vet about it? When our Shadow had kidney failure, we leaned heavily on the advice of our vet. Obviously, this will greatly depend on your vet and your relationship with them, how much you trust them and whatnot. With our vet then, and ours now, I trust them fully to take what is best for my dogs and cats into consideration when advising us on treatments. If my vet says "this is what I would do", that's generally what I go with. Of course, not all vets are like that unfortunately...

With Shadow, it was particularly difficult to make the decision simply because she did not SEEM like a kidney failure dog. Right up to the end, she was a happy girl who would bounce with happiness when my hubby came home (I had been off work for months at that time due to an illness of my own, and am very thankful that I was able to be with her 24/7 for her last weeks). She would bark at the door, get excited over things, and acted basically exactly like she always had. There were essentially ZERO signs that there was anything wrong. However - she would not eat. Not a thing - not her food, not treats, not eggs or chicken or even bacon. And so it became clear she would not get better, and would slowly starve to death otherwise. She wasn't suffering yet, but at that point must have been getting at least uncomfortable without any food in her system, and so our vet advised it would be humane to let her go as we had done everything we could and she could at least go without any real suffering.

Personally, in your Zarita's case, I wouldn't give up on her yet. She's quite young still, and if you can visibly see and know that she is a happy girl outside of the coughing and enjoying most of her life, then I think that's your answer. Also, if you don't think the time is right, it probably isn't. But if her life becomes more coughing than happy times, it might be time to start thinking about that difficult decision.

My thoughts are with you, whatever you decide!

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