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Default Meet Cosmo the Chihuahua Mix Puppy!

So before anyone gets upset. I did not get this little guy from a breeder. But from a woman who rescued his (pregnant) mother, father, and two year old sister from their abusive owners.

Granted yes she should have kept the pups until they were 12 weeks. Her husband was pressuring her to get the pups rehomed asap because they had 7 other dogs....Yeah not the best situation. But I am thrilled with my pup he is in great health and is just an all around joy.

I got him on January 1st. So he will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. His mom was a purebred 4lb Chihuahua and dad a 6lb Yorkie/Shitzu.

And not to worry. I work from home. So he gets fed multiple times a day to get him from developing low blood sugar. The vet said that he is a healthy and thriving pup.

Now that, that is out of the way. MEET COSMO!

Enjoying one of his many daily meals.

Little cutie.

Tiny derp

This is usually what I get when I try to take pics. I should have named him "Blur".


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