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Default How can I get a handle on my pup's diarrhea??

I've had my pup for 4 days now and since day one, her stools have gotten softer and softer.It's not watery but more of thicker consistency without much formation. Yesterday it was a little mucusy but today its back to the normal mush. She is only eating Fromm gold can food. I have fromm puppy kibble and she is very interested in it, only she just can't seem to chew it no matter how hard she tries. I've tried to add water to soften it, but she will NOT eat it like that. I also have to give her water from a syringe because she will not drink it on her own. I've tried all kinds of dishes. She is 6 weeks and weighs 1.1lb. She was given a dewormer and her first boosters the day before I brought her home, could that be the culprit? Or is it the food I'm feeding her? I could switch but I don't want to upset her stomach even more. Any tips on how to firm up her stool?
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