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Default A couple of questions and concerns about spaying and neutering

I am sure these questions and concerns are common and asked often. So please be patient with me.

I have not yet spayed Fae (who will be 4 next month) and Leia (who will be 2 in March). Mainly because until now Morrison (who is 7 and neutered) has been the only male in the house. And I have always been ultra careful when either is in heat. But the plan has always been to spay them eventually.

I think what has me procrastinating, is my fear. I have never had such small dogs spayed before. And to be honest every female that came to me was already spayed. I did have a kitten spayed years ago and she healed up nightly. But spaying just seems like such bigger surgery than neutering. It makes me nervous. It also makes me sad thinking of them scared in the vets office. Does anyone else get stressed thinking of this stuff?

Anyways since I got Cosmo I am officially on board to get everyone "fixed". Mainly because I do not want to deal with issues with the males when the females are in heat. I could crate and rotate or even have a relative dog sit for a few weeks. But that is a lot of work when you have two females going into heat at different times.

I also will not miss the tail flagging and general in heat madness that takes over both girls. It is quite annoying and nerve wracking at times lol.

So the plan is to take both Cosmo and Leia in at the same time in May. I wanted to know if I was doing the right thing by neutering him at 6 months. It seems like the best route to take to avoid any hormonal issues.

I then will take Fae to be spayed in June.

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