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Default Ponta's first trip into town

So on request from Meoshia, here are some pics of Ponta from this week 😃

It's hard to take pictures of this little wiggly booty lol, he keeps trying to kiss me 😅

Here are some pics from when we went into town to go see the vet today.

On the train... He was really well behaved! He sits quietly in my lap and in his bag when we have to walk around.

The vet said he was really healthy. Everything looked good and he healed fine from his neuter 😃 He is also lighter than I thought. 4.3 lb right now at 6 months. The vet said he's a bit on the skinny side, so I guess I have to plump him up a bit.

And this is when we went walking around in the cold... He started shivering after a few minutes so I put him back in the bag [emoji14] Poor baby. It is really cold out here now. We might get 3-6" of snow today.

We were walking past the shops like this, and we passed a realtor office that had a really cute cream colored longhaired chi! She came to the window all excited to say hi, then her owners took her outside to meet Ponta. So cute lol, wish I got a picture. I hope we can meet more chi friends!

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