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Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Yayyyyyy!! I'm so happy to have woken up to pictures of this little man. Thank you for posting them! He is gorgeous and has the most sweetest little teddy bear face. He makes me want a long haired boy.
How cute that Ponta got to meet his first chi friend at a realtor office? That is actually what I am currently studying 😍😍😍. It would be my dream one day to have my own realtor office and take my pups with.
Ponta looks pretty healthy in the pics I've seen. The chart that I have says his adult weight should be 5 lbs full grown. But I'd add at least 1/2 lb to that. He will be a good size. How much are you feeding him? 1/4 cup twice daily should be adequate enough at his age and from now on. My 7.6 pounders get 1/4 cup twice a day. And some tasty snacks in between. They love the Stella and Chewy's carnivore crunch.
I love that Ponta is already wearing clothes. He looks adorable! ❤️
Haha no problem, I'm lazy and I needed the extra push from you 😉 That is so cool that you're studying to be a realtor! It would be so fun to bring the chis to work every day. Just thinking about it makes me happy!

I totally think he looks like a bear too. You should see his baby pictures. I will try to dig them up lol. He looked exactly like a baby bear (or an ewok, if you're into Star Wars). I almost named him Wicket [emoji14]

I'm free feeding him right now. He eats his kibble several times a day and gets treats when we do training time. He does eat about 1/2 cup a day plus the treats (usually just some boiled chicken). I think he is just in his lanky stage. He should fill out okay because he loves his food.

He is good about wearing clothes now. Every time we want to go outside he knows he has to put his coat on. We are getting tons of snow right now.. 5-10" this weekend apparently! We went out earlier but he didn't like it, lol. Now he's all cuddled up in a soft blanket for a nap. I wish I can find some more cute boy clothes. If you know any good ones let me know 😃

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