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Angry A Dog Drama Rant: By Maddi

This isn't about anyone here.

It's about my sister.


Anyone here who knows me knows I love dogs. Like crazy. I mean, I love them more than my kids... because I don't have any kids. My dogs are the closest thing. They're all I know. They're the only ones who haven't left... would never leave. Dogs have been my savior and guiding light in my life for 17 years ever since my first rottweiler pup. I'm fiercely defensive and sensitive about dogs. When someone gives me excuses for ignoring them or hurting them in any way, I try my best to explain... but when they IGNORE ME... then... well...

My sister begged for her first rescue dog at around the age I got my first pup. The differences between us are staggering (could be because we're half sisters, could be we're 7 years apart.) When I was out with a 50' leash training my pup on recall, she was inside on World of Warcraft raiding with her guild while she shut her dog in her room with her. At the time I was socializing my pup by walking him around public parks and introducing him to young and old alike, my sister was leaving her pup at our house while she spent the night at friend's houses. Well, that's all well and good when you're young and don't know how special dogs can be, but fast forward a few years and have a few babies... the aussie/rotty mix is giving her some real problems.

He attacks her children.

So they shut him away in a room.

The baby-daddy hits him when he's aggressive, teaching him to deal with discomfort through violent physical aggression/lashing out.

Now, we all know how to help an insecure dog like hers, Taz. She never socialized him or gave him tools. And when she had her children, she never trained him or helped him understand what his position still was/was at all when her children were born. My sister has thyroid issues, two children and not a lot of dough, so whenever I told her to:

1. Get him on better food
2. Walk him (not bringing him to my parents house and letting him run in the yard alone)
3. Train him (Give him activities to do with her and her children to solidify his place in the pack and help him learn interactive techniques that AREN'T snapping/growling)

... she gives excuses.

"Mom dumped Taz on me, what am I supposed to do?"
"I exercise him as much as I can, but I'm so tired."
"He's just too scared, he'll never learn."
"My [boyfriend] doesn't like it when he's around, so we just put him away."

Did I mention that Taz also has demodectic mange? A skin condition that requires attention and special shampoos. Which they do not provide.


-------WAIT FOR IT------

Today, she told me she was getting a puppy.

Over the years, I've really tried to help her understand how much of an asset Taz could be to her family if only he was given the proper care. She just gave excuses. Today she sent me a picture of a stray puppy she found on the street in her apartments, and mentioned, "Maybe this puppy will 'distract' Taz and play with my children!"

In essence, she was placing the IMPOSSIBLE MANTLE of this new puppy "fixing" the problems in her house.


I wasn't rude, but I was like, "Ok so. You don't know this puppy. You don't know what kind of medical attention it may need. It could have worms, it could have mange (like Taz) and it could have a host of other problems that, with your thyroid medication, being unemployed and having two kids, may really cut into your budget."

She accused me of "being a know it all" and "mothering her."

Then I said, "Well, if you already have a dog with aggression issues, or issues you haven't trained, a puppy is an absorbent little sponge and most of the time puppies will look to older DOGS and not PEOPLE to model themselves after."

She accused me of "not giving this puppy a chance" and said "You don't know all dogs!"

Then she told me I never ask about her children, then told me I HATE her children (which is totally reaching because... wow)

... and blocked me.


Well, you know what? No. She does not need another puppy. She cannot financially and mentally give a new puppy what it needs. And, to think a new, young dog will "fix" her pack? Atrocious. Sorry. I mean... I could very much be diplomatic and stay quiet... BUT NOT WITH DOGS! Don't bring a dog into your house hoping to "fix" things.

... in that way, it's like children. Don't have a child to "fix" your relationship, you know?

But she blocked me. Accused me of "mothering" and "disrespect."

... why won't some people listen?

Sorry. Just hurts. She's my sister and family, but my heart bleeds for poor Taz, and I would NEVER want a new pup to come into a place like that.

----- RANT OVER------

Thank you for reading.
-sighs deeply-
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