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Default Nail Disease

BG had a small nail issue a few weeks ago where the nail fell off and only the qwik (vein) was left. This happened to two nails and both veins were unviable (no blood). My vet cleaned her up and trimmed the qwik off and we both were hoping that it was because of the bad weather that she damaged those nails.

Well on Friday BG went out to go potty came in and blood was everywhere. She was bleeding from the base of another nail. We are currently thinking she might have nail disease. This is supposedly common in GSD and large breeds and honestly I have never heard of it until now.

Hell's nails: Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO) is a painful condition causing dogs' nails to slough.(HEALTH) - Whole Dog Journal

Dog Nail Disorders | petMD

It is an auto immune disease and we are now wondering if this might be related to her Rabies reaction. (Remember she was denied an exemption and required to be vaccinated again because the injection site mass is not cancerous yet. Also her Rabies titer was 5.4 when 0.5 is considered immune).

Has anyone experienced this or do you have any thoughts and suggestions?

Thank you Jan896
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