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Originally Posted by susan davis View Post
What do you do when it is the LAW that you vaccinate for rabies at least every 3 years? If, heaven forbid, your dog is involved in a fight with another dog, and animal control is involved? Or worse, a rabid animal comes into your yard at night? I would think that someone should make a titer enough for the law. Are their any lawyers on the board?
I just don't do it. Period. There is plenty of current research out there (it's actually making news right now) about the fact that dogs are highly over-vaccinated - especially for rabies. In fact, it has been shown that the efficacy rate for the rabies vaccine is around 7 years. If that is the case then shouldn't a dog only be vaccinated twice in their lifetime instead of every year?

I am a non-vaxer who has done my research. I don't vaccinate my kids and I'm not vaccinating my dog, either.

But anyway....this is not a vax thread but a nail thread......back to our topic at hand.

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