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Originally Posted by Moonfall View Post
It also will only cover things once usually, so if your dog is prone to tummy trouble, it'll cover it once but never again.
I'm not sure what companies you looked into, but that's not something I've ever heard.

No, they won't cover pre-existing conditions that have been documented on your dog's vet file. So, with Finley and Gizmo, we signed them up for insurance as soon as we brought them home - to make sure that almost nothing could be considered a pre-existing condition. With Tink, we don't have insurance - by the time we really thought about getting it (when we got Gizmo two years ago), she was already 9 years old - the monthly premium was hefty due to that, and she already had some conditions that wouldn't be covered as they were pre-existing.

However, with our policy, illnesses that are not pre-existing and covered are absolutely NOT a one-shot deal. Finley was just diagnosed with micro vascular dysplasia, a liver disease, at 7 months old when he went in for his neuter. The insurance company covered our costs for anything to do with that issue - blood work, in this case - minus our deductible. And absolutely everything to do with his liver condition for the rest of his life (or as long as we have this policy) is now 100% covered. The deductible was a one-time deal, so we never have to pay that again - even if the next issue isn't for another five years.

I am in love with pet insurance.
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