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Default GSD, Pom and Cat

Sirus is my husbands Guide dog. I originally got Sirus to do search and rescue work in Canada but due to health issues and moving to the states (less volunteer search and rescue places available) I was not able to continue. Since Sirus still needed a job and my husband's guide dog was getting older we decided to train him and see how he did as a guide dog. He has worked out amazingly well. He loves his work and often pouts if he is left behind when my husband goes to a conference or something (it's often less work to use a cane in that situation). When he is not working he loves to chase balls.

Hatchi was the neighbors dog but kept running away from them and coming to my house. No matter how many times I took him home he would find a way to get into my fully fenced yard and would be waiting on my front porch day and night. The asked me to find a new home for him as I had internet access and they did not. I was to look after him till he was rehomed. Well 3 years later he is till here so I guess he is ours lol.

Kitty is a rescue cat from a local shelter. If I remember right she was the kitten from a feral cat. She has had a blessed life also. There was major flooding here in Louisville when she was in the shelter and she is one of the cats that survived the flooding. She allows us to share her house as long as we perform our duties of ensuring the food bowl is full and exact 5.76 head pats are available when required.
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