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Default Does she eat enough?

I'm sorry for all stupid questions ahead of time. I'm not sure how much a 5lbs chihuahua should eat or how often. I feel like she hardly eats. She is used to mostly table food and we do this feed our pets table food. Am I doing something wrong? I fed her 1/4 of a cup yesterday morning and this morning she has most of it left. I gave her a fresh 1/4 of a cup this am and it's almost all still in her bowl. She does drink water all day as normal but I don't think she eats enough. I'm not sure how big she should be but I was told she is about 5lbs. She looks a little lean to me but I'm not used to toy breeds so maybe I'm wrong? Can anyone lend me some knowledge on this subject? I've added a couple pics hopefully they help. Thank you in advance.

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