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Default what's a safe teething treat for a puppy chihuahua?

I give mine chew sticks occasionally, bully sticks, dehydrated chicken, beef etc, but not too often as they are very fattening and I like my dogs lean. Even though chews/bones are a great distraction for a pup that likes to chew on his owner recreationally, they obviously aren't the ideal thing to give every time. Here's the time for you to have some fun discovering different toys or games to interact with your pup and distract her away from chewing on what she shouldn't.

A couple of my chi's favorite tiny toy brands are by a brand called Pet Flys, they make these 100% cotton crocheted toys that also clean your dogs teeth as well

We also love a brand called West Paw designs, they make tiny toys too, my dogs love the ones with no stuffing in them, they carry them around the house all the time and chew on them constantly. If I think of any others I'll let you know.
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