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As far as I know, the woman is preparing to move in the very near future, and wants to be able to have her 2 females spayed and her male neutered before she does, so she needs the mommas dried up as soon as possible. She assures me they are eating well on softened kibble and are doing well at learning how to drink water (when they don't go wading in it).

I went to our local mom and pop meat market this afternoon(the only place in town where you can get locally grown, organic meat products), and purchased a whole chicken...well, minus the feathers, feet, and head. I asked if they had any raw bones, but they said they smoke and sell those for dog treats, so no luck there. I'll just have to stick with the in carcass bones for now at least.
In the mean time, I'll portion out the chicken and gizzards for meals now, and store away the hearts and livers for later. I can't wait to go back to that meat market, though! They have all kinds of stuff there...even frog legs! Not for me (I don't think I could choke those down), but maybe for the dogs?? It's definitely a novel protein source! LOL!
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