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Default Upset Stomach - advice needed

Hi, Peanut my little 8 month old Chi is not doing so good.

She started having Diarrhoea 2 days ago - I woke up to it everywhere in my front room and kitchen There was a little blood when I cleaned her bum - so I called the Vets and took her straight there to get checked.

They said her temp was fine and no signs of dehydration but she seems sore on her back end. They gave me pro-kaolin paste and to withhold food till the breakfast the next day but to give her a little plain chicken that evening. Then feed boiled chicken and rice till solid and wait for stool sample results.

Well its day 3 and she is still runny, bum still sore but gobbles up the chicken not so much the rice and is take the paste fine.

She has been wormed and i've ordered some slippery elm.

Is there anything else I can do or feed her to help. Would boiled mashed potato be better than rice? I'm just concerned its been 3 days now. Should i be asking my Vet for anything in particular?

thank you
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