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Our pug/chi Dunkin is feeling so much better. It's so nice to see her happy after her being so sick. I bought them a bunch of Primal freeze-dried, but I got a good deal today on Stella and Chewy's. I'm trying to decide between the two brands and might switch back and forth. I'm shocked that Cuddles even likes it, even though at first she was weirded out by the texture of rehydrated meat.

We also started cooking for our large dog, Sophie, after I did a ton of research.

I think switching them to premade food is going to be better in the long run, especially for Cuddles, who has been extremely picky. I'm so proud of her today for eating Stella and Chewy's with whole salmon in it . She never usually touches fish, which is one of the many reasons homemade raw didn't seem balanced enough for her.

I wish I knew of a place that sold Stella and Chewy's frozen. I'm pretty sure the one place that sold frozen raw just got rid of their freezers . I might consider Nature's Variety Instinct, which Cuddles has had before, but for right now they are really stocked up on freeze-dried for at least a month (if I calculated everything correctly).

I might offer Cuddles a piece of raw meat with bone once a week or so.


I still don't understand how Dunkin got sick. It seems to me that most signs point to it being a food-borne illness.
A few days ago, I remembered the two dogs that were unaffected turned down a meal of ground beef. I thought they were just being stubborn, like those two sometimes were, and didn't feel like beef that night. Then, I realized that was the last meal they had before the other two dogs were sick. I don't know how I didn't realize that until now.


They seem happy so far, and that's what matters. Premade is also a lot less work, even though it's expensive. As long as they're happy and healthy.
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