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Default Confirmed total of 3, possibly 4 pups, in 4lb Chihuahua

Hello everyone! I have 4lb Chihuahua (currently 6lbs), Nova who just got x-rays done, and there were a total of 3 little spines and skulls and possibly a 4th but couldn't confirm that one. I'm in shock! I thought she would have 2 max, but I would have never guessed 4! My question is, have any of you had such a small framed dog, successfully give birth to that many pups without help or complications? I'm a wreck thinking of all that can go wrong! I'm prepared to have a c-section done if needed, but still have hope that everything CAN be okay naturally. She will be getting another sonogram or x-ray done, when active labor begins, as the doctor recommended to see the status of puppies at that point. She is about 49 days, so the time is near. Any words of advice would be hugely appreciated!
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