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Default question about Zarita

Hi all. Zarita's arthritis is getting very bad, or the pain is not being controlled by her medication. I have increased it by a little bit, but the vet says that isn't too safe. She has had bad reactions to three medications that were to be added to the Medicam. They make her very groggy/inactive for a long period of time. Or nauseated. So I have been giving her only Medicam. I have always said I wouldn't keep a dog alive IF it was in pain---but that is exactly what I am doing with her! She limps very badly, and at times holds her paw up and looks so unhappy. BUT she still rushes to the back door, barking at the geese/squirrels etc outside. Eats OK. The last few days she refuses food in the am, and eats about 3pm. Everything else is fine. What do I do??? Euthanasia is at the back of my mind, but she doesn't seem ready?? she also has a stiff knee, as surgery failed twice. Pain is in the front.
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