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At the moment boiled chicken with white rice. Tuesday night/ Wednesday early morning she got sick, puking and diarrhea. I put her on a "bland diet" Thankfully she's fully okay and acting like her old self. And no signs of symptoms within the 1st 24 hours. But I tend to wait the full 48 hours.
I'll change her food either Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway, she gets fed Simply Nourish grain free small breed chicken and something (I forgot and don't have the original bag at the moment)
She aslo gets fed Authority small breed grain free chicken and something (once again don't remember)
I switch back and forth between the two
I don't always get the small breed versions, just depends but its the same flavor.

I know they aren't "high" grade/quality dog food. But honestly that's all I can really afford since I do have 4 and she does great on it (no issues) and so does my "sensitive" food dog. And I prefer to keep them all on the same food. It's much easier for me. Back then each dog had their own bag and it was hard to keep up with all 4.

Before she got sick she was eating Dog for Dog (that's the actual brand called, they help feed shelter dogs when you buy a bag I believe) I never had bought this brand but tried it since it was marked reduced price (going to expire May 17th. I bought it a month within expiration) It was the Lamb and brown rice
I don't plan on buying it again but it definitely was a good price.
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