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Originally Posted by sandraleija View Post
Hello everyone! I have 4lb Chihuahua (currently 6lbs), Nova who just got x-rays done, and there were a total of 3 little spines and skulls and possibly a 4th but couldn't confirm that one. I'm in shock! I thought she would have 2 max, but I would have never guessed 4! My question is, have any of you had such a small framed dog, successfully give birth to that many pups without help or complications? I'm a wreck thinking of all that can go wrong! I'm prepared to have a c-section done if needed, but still have hope that everything CAN be okay naturally. She will be getting another sonogram or x-ray done, when active labor begins, as the doctor recommended to see the status of puppies at that point. She is about 49 days, so the time is near. Any words of advice would be hugely appreciated!
Dear Sandra,

Congrats on your female being pregnant.

Your concerns truly are real. How big was the male? She is tiny! I had my 1.5 kilo female give birth 4 years ago. The first pup we had to pull out and the second one was stuck. She was pushing a LOT, but it was too big to come out. We went to the vet and she ended up with a c section. The vet also spayed her at the same time. Thankfully both puppies were alive. But due to her being spayed, she refused her puppies and didn't have ANY milk. Therefore we had to feed them every 1.5 hours for the first week, then every 2 to 3 hours for the next 3 weeks and then every 4 hours until they where ready for their mash.

We just had another litter 6 weeks ago. This time with another female I've had for 4 years. She is a lot bigger at 3 kilos. The vet said 4 pups, 5 came out. The male was a lot smaller than her which is important.

But that doesn't mean things will go smoothly. I watched her for 2 nights after her temperature went down. ( not sleeping as she clearly was in pain). Then she lost the water and 1 hour later nothing was happening. I decided that I was not going to wait any longer and risk the lives of my chihuahua or her puppies. She got a C-section ( even though she's 3 kilos!). All the puppies came out fine, although we had to revive them due to the anesthesia. The vet did not spay her and gave her a shot of Oxycontin to make the milk come in.

We where very worried that she would reject the puppies and that we would have to feed them around the clock like we did for the previous litter of 2. So we asked the vet to keep a placenta in a plastic bag for us, and when we got home and the mom was still groggy, we warmed it up to body temperature, and put the juices on the puppies (yes I know, I was gagging the whole time). When she started waking up, she licked the placenta juice, and ate the placenta, then she licked her puppies and accepted all of them.

Now for the heartbreaking part.

In the first 24 hours, one puppy was not thriving, she cried a lot, was moving away from her mom, refusing to eat. We did not know this soon enough but she probably was dehydrated, and thus lost her sucking reflex. We looked everywhere online and asked the vet several times for help (but vets don't usually know what causes fading puppy syndrome) and no one could help us.
The vet also said it could have been a digestive track malformation.

We Rehydrated her through her skin with injections, gave her glucose , kept her warm. We really tried everything, and she died in my father's hands. It was truly heartbreaking to see a new innocent life struggling to breath and not moving. Truly not something I ever want to experienced again in my life.

So of course the mother stopped producing milk due to the c section and the pain she was in. And we had to feed the remaining 4 puppies every 2 hours. Even through the night. It is a LOT of work. It is a LOT of frustration. You will have to weight them, stimulate them after and before each bottle. Keep them at the right temperature. Watch them all the time to make sure the mother accepts them fully.

Even with all the care we gave them a 2nd one started fading away. This time we noticed right away and went to the vet to get an inject-able solution to feed and re-hydrate through the skin ( he refused ). So we asked another vet who gave it to us. We injected her with the solution , and managed to bring her back to life. This happened 3 times in total with this particular puppy ( runt of the litter). We fed her every 2 hours for an entire month. The others where doing rather well, but still where being bottle fed.

Puppy milk gave them either constipation or uncontrollable diarrhea ( it was a very good brand bought from the vet's office). So we found a recipe made of Goat's milk, egg yolk, corn syrup, probiotics. ( they thrived on that, it was also the same recipe we used for our first litter).

There is a LOT more information that you need to know if the mother has a c section and does not breast feed them. Like if they swallow milk in their lungs from the bottle, they can get pneumonia and die.

I'm sorry for all the negative information , but I wish someone had told me all this or that I had found all this information when the little puppy was dying. I will NEVER have another litter of Chihuahuas. I thought maybe the first time was just bad luck or that the female was just too small. But it happened again and worst this time.

This is not a joke, if you want all your puppies to survive you have to put your heart and your soul into it. I'm lucky enough that I have a mother that doesn't work, and I work from home. Therefore I was able to not get a lot of sleep and to relay night hours to my mother.

But never again!

Here is a picture of them now, it's very rewarding when they are this age and thriving, but I'm sure they gave me a few grey hairs. They are all for sale now, and it will be very difficult to part with them. But I already have 2 chihuahuas and I am relocating to new zealand, it costs more than 2000 $ each to take them through quarantine and all that Jazz, so can't keep all the puppies. But I wish i could they are so gorgeous!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate, I never come on here anymore but will to help you out.
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