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Originally Posted by Ari1405 View Post
Buddy Bear got a bath this morning. And somewhere between drying him and taking him to his kennel his declaw was torn (bent back)
At 1st I wasn't aware what was going on until I found blood on my hand then found blood on the towel. Then I saw his paw was bleeding. I first just got cotton balls soaked in water to remove the blood.
Then I realized it was his declaw. He did stop bleeding
I read online that it's best to cut where its already hanging then stop the blood and bandage the paw and change it everyday.
Which I'm considering doing. But I have to stop his blood which I'll have to get the powder thing that's meant to stop their bleeding or cornstarch (I don't have either at the moment)
Has any one dealt with this?
Misspelled I meant Dewclaw
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