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Originally Posted by lulu'smom View Post
Boys gonna be boys, girls gonna be girls! Haha If it takes cat food--cat food it would be.

When all this happened, and Lulu wouldn't eat my vet suggested canned cat food. He said many times a dog would eat cat food when they wouldn't eat dog food; which I already knew. I'm very picky, but frankly I would have fed her anything just to get her to eat.

What does your dogs' weigh, and what is their dose of Pimo? Thankfully Lulu tolerated her first dose that my vet suggested I cut in half of what the ER vet started her on. If she does well for a few days, I will talk to him about upping it.
Both weigh somewhere in the 4.2 to 4.6 lbs range. Up and down. The ER weighs them heavier than anyone else.

Pimo 1.25 mg from Costco ($35 less!).

Boy gets a 1/2 tab twice a day.
Girl gets a 1/2 tab three times a day.

Girl's on seven meds currently. Boy's just got Pimo.

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