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Originally Posted by lulu'smom View Post
Thank you. This helps me compare. Lulu is down to 5.3 lbs but I'm hoping she will work her way back to 5.7ish. She was 5.11 when this happened the end of June and has lost several oz. She was given Pimo 1.25--1/2 tab twice a day. I started her yesterday with 1/4 tab twice a day. My prayers were answered because she did so good! Great appetite and no upset stomach. I went ahead today and gave her 1/2 tab twice today and thankfully she has done great! I'm beyond thrilled!
So happy for you. Inappetence freaked me out more than syncope. Metronidazole, for a week, brought back her appetite and made pill taking so much easier. I hope everything works out for you two.

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