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This is strictly my personal experience. I have fed Lulu a ton of Primal. Frozen and freeze dried--every flavor they make. She does better on the freeze dried. The frozen will upset her stomach after a while. I don't know if it's too close to raw (if that makes sense). Also, I don't like to microwave food to warm it--worry about killing nutrients--so it was hard to warm up enough with hot water, and when I fed it to Lulu she would shiver after eating. BTW, I was putting it in the refrigerator for a day or two before feeding so it wasn't frozen, but it was cold. I had not fed Stella and Chewy in a long time, but bought it with Lulu's recent health issue because I was having problems getting her to eat. I will say upon feeding S&C and Ziwi Peak after a few years of Primal her fir is noticeably softer and shedding has completely stopped. She had started shedding terrible, and I hadn't realized how her fir had changed until this diet change, but that could also be contributed to her health issue I wasn't aware of. Now that she's on medication and doing better, the shedding has stopped. I mentioned Ziwi Peak. This is air dried not freeze dried--looks like small squares of beef jerky. Lulu LOVES Ziwi Peak. I will say it is very rich food. I don't think I would feed it over and over by itself, but it would be great in the rotation. I have fed Orijen freeze dried from time to time, and Lulu will eat it, but it smells like grass. She's not a picky eater, but it's not her favorite. Also, they only have 2 choices that they put a few different proteins in--not single protein choices. I have fed Honest Kitchen--excellent brand, but Lulu doesn't like it much. I have fed Sojo. That may be an option for Tink as it's a lower protein/lower fat brand, and Lulu liked it OK. My problem with the last two is you are supposed to let them sit awhile to completely rehydrate, and Lulu is standing there staring at me like, "Are you kidding me?"
All of these cost anywhere from $25.00-$40.00 a month to 6 weeks roughly for me to feed with Primal being the cheapest for me personally. Also, I am able to buy all of them locally at a place called Pet Supplies Plus except Ziwi Peak and Sojo. I have to order them online through Amazon, but I've never had any problem. I used to order through wag or chewy, but Amazon bought wag and Petsmart bought chewy, so you can't get Orijen on it anymore. I doubt you can get the others either now. I fed Nature's Variety raw for a bit, but I just didn't like it.
Also, I buy boneless, skinless chicken breast and boil and chop in food processor and feed this as well in the rotation. As you can imagine, this is quite the favorite.
I could be wrong, but I don't think your going to find any decent raw food options at Petsmart or Petco.

Once you go tomorrow and look, if you see something let us know the brand and maybe someone will know something about it to help.
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