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Thanks all. So, we have officially survived our first week as a raw-fed pet household! I feel like I've been spending every waking moment reading and researching and collecting data lol. Been to all our local pet food stores almost every day gathering more intel. Looks like as far as premade complete meals go, our options here are Stella & Chewys - frozen and freeze dried, but the freeze dried is certainly more abundant!; Nature's Variety Instincts (frozen); and Primal, though only freeze dried at the stores. I am in talks with one of the local stores about possibly being able to special order in Primal frozen foods from one of their suppliers, as the store itself only stocks freeze dried.

We have only done a taste test trial in freeze dried for the cats; Gizmo and Finley have been getting only frozen foods. We started with some sample packs of the S&C dinner patties, which they both went gaga over right away. Then we bought a bag of duck Instincts "kibble", and Gizmo doesn't seem to be a fan. Eats it, but only reluctantly. I just gave him another S&C patty tonight to test if it was the kibble he wasn't feeling, or if he was not so into raw period after a few days...and he scarfed down the S&Cs again.

One thing I've noticed though, is that the feeding guidelines listed on the bags of both S&C and Instincts seem way overstated - like, double what they should be getting? At first I just followed the guidelines on each bag, but it seemed like a LOT of food, so we went and bought a proper digital food scale to weigh it out and the feeding guideline was close, if not more, to double what the weight should be per feeding.
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