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Originally Posted by susan davis View Post
I had a chi that ruptured her anal gland. Oh my Gosh! Did it stink, and of course it was very sore. The vet opened it up, and I had to give her sitz baths in the kitchen sink. I said I was the only person I knew who soaked her dogs butt for a week.!! I evidently did a good job, 'cause a return visit the vet remarked how good the area looked. This poor dog didn't give me much 'notice' that there was anything wrong. I just 'saw' that the area looked different, and upon looking, realized there was drainage from a red, raw area right in the anal area.
Oh my, Rocky had that once (the first time) and it was horrible. He had to have antibiotics, wear the 'cone of shame' for a while and we had to put a cream on his butt. They even had to shave his butt. lol There were some warning signs in his case, but we didn't know and it escalated quickly. But it's fine since we keep and eye on things. I never thought about soaking his butt though! That's so funny. But eh, if it works it works.

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