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Default Very confused about high fat in freeze dried

I am losing my mind worrying if i"m doing the right thing. My Hannah (16 yrs.), Tia (7yrs.) and Lola (3 yrs.) have all been fed Fromm Four Star with a topper of Health Extensions (supplement only) . My 7 year old will eat anything but my 3 year old started to put her nose up at the food. Of course when we had some broiled salmon, chicken or even steak they would have they're "special" topper so she is always holding out for that I feel.I decided to try Stella and Chewy's Raw Coated small breed. I like that it has average fat and low carbs unlike the Fromm grain free that had above average fat. Tia is a little over weight. Loli actually sniffed walked away, came back, sniffed, licked then yay ate it. But the next day had lose stool. I put a little more in her bowl in my excitement that she liked it and think the transition amount was too much too fast. I pray they will harden up with a a slower transition. Now my question is I would love to top with Stella Chewy's freeze dried. Chicken, Rabbit, Venison had all five star rating on the dog food advisor but also his note that this is a VERY high protein to fat percentage and most calories coming from fat and NOT for every dog. Now I'm worried to give this to my Tia who is the chubby one that I'm trying to slim down. I also don't want my Lola to end up gaining. I would give less of course of the kibble and work maybe a pattie a day over the kibble. Why would this be a five star if it has so much fat. Wouldn't every small dog become obese from this much fat even as a topper??? Thank you for any insight.

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