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Exclamation Introducing New CHH Puppy to Adult CHH

Hi guys,

I'm new here, I have a 6 year old female CHH.

Recently, my wife and I bought a puppy 2.5 months old female CHH as companion to my first.

We currently have them for 1 week, kept seperated, puppy in crate and only when we are around the puppy are allowed to come out of the crate and play.

However. we had noticed that my adult CHH is always running away from the puppy, and are panting very vigorously after we "rescue" her from the puppy.

It seems to us that puppy just wish to play with the adult, but my adult CHH is too afraid of the puppy.

Can anyone please teach me what to do or is there any guidance to this issue please. I'm afraid that one day my adult CHH might collapse due to stress / over-exercising.

My adult CHH is currently healthy and no noticeable health issues.

Please advise me
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