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Default Hello! And one question

Hello everyone!

I have had my puppy for five days and madly in love with that little guy. He is 5-month-old long-haired Chihuahua we named Calvin.

I have had dogs before, they have been much larger. I had a great big golden doodle and a miniature poodle mix. I used to think of the poodle as a tiny dog, but he was 3 times Calvin’s size.

I went for tiny this time because my mobility is now limited by arthritis. Now that I have Calvin, I am starting to realize that dogs this small have special requirements (like watching their blood sugar). I joined the forum in part to make sure I am on top of all of that.

Calvin is great - he sleeps through the night without a peep in his ‘crate’ (formerly our cat carrier). He never barks, is respectful of the cats, and after a few moments of assessing a situation is very outgoing.

The only concern I have comes from that bravery. He has tried a number of times to jump off the couch and from our arms, and succeeded twice - thankfully from the lower couch we have. No permanent damage, but we are very afraid for him. I would love to let him sleep with us, but I am terrified that he will see another family member coming up the stairs and take a flying leap off the bed. Do these guys get smarter about heights as they get older? Is it a teachable thing?

Looking forward to getting to know this forum!
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