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Me too Ari. Used to have 8-10 posts a day!

It snowed today!! Very cold for this time of year. The wind was so bad, I thought our trees might break. None of them did, at least here. The dogs really don't like it that windy. "stuff' kept hitting the windows! Mostly just big leaves. Emmie the older of the two chi's is the most bothered. Even my siamese cat Jazz wanted to be in my lap. She usually comes and sits when the dogs are in their pens for the night! Emmie really gets jealous. Today Em managed to climb over me and get to 'her' spot without the cat moving. She 'spit' at her, but didn't move! This cat is 14 and terrorized Emmie when she was a puppy. Soooooo Em doesn't have much love for her!
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