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Em has known her since she was a pup and they still don't really like each other? My dogs don't tolerate cats at all so never happening in this house but you'd think they'd be a bit friendlier to each other.

My dogs also hate when it's "noisy" outside. Although we live in AZ so the worst I guess isn't as bad as other states. But we did get very hard rain not too long ago and our backyard was all water. The dogs hated it (so did I) but they're not pad trained. The 1st morning I took Buddy Bear out it was pouring and I swear he gave me a face of 'oh heck no' So he refused (surprising the other 2 boys went) Sunshine was having none of it 'how dare her paws get wet' So I took them out a couple of times more since I knew they really had to "go"
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