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I am terrified that I might have caused Laurel's atopy by overvaccinating her. I know better, but she was such a tiny and fragile puppy, we were living outside, and I was terrified of Parvo. I think I was also a bit confused about Animal Control not being the same thing as Child Protective Services at the time, because it was a big deal that I couldn't get her rabies vax in time to get her dog license the second she turned the age where we legally have to have dog licenses in my area.

Chocolate was already an "illegal dog" when she came home, so I got parvo/distemper first, waited the maximum time the vet recommended instead of the minimum, and got her rabies vax and dog license when I got them.

I went with Dr. Jean Dodds' recomendation to go ahead and got Laurel's three year DHPP on schedule. I hope to be able to get titers done the next time the vet sends me the card.

My understanding is that the laws about rabies vaccines are unscientific. My cat will get a single rabies vaccination sooner or later and a booster only if her titers show that she needs one.

My dogs are vulnerable little creatures who can legally be taken away from me and killed if I break laws. That's why I don't jaywalk or make failed attempts to snap capitalism at it's weakest link so I guess it's a good thing all in all even when it's nofe air.
Laurel: born 9/1/18, 7 lbs, my homegrown
Chocolate: born 10/4/18, 9.5 lbs, rescued from DV situation
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