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Talking Ready for a new baby

after loosing the absolute love of my life (1 year ago july 21) i felt very empty... his tragic end was enough to crush any heart. Long story short (cause it still tears me up a bit) Bear ate everything no matter what I did and he ate 10 pennies the first time costing me 4,000 in vet bills but i got my baby and it was worth it- broke as I was. 2 mths later after making my house more change secure than the swiss bank vaults, he died from one- count em- one more penny. (oh and two grand more for me) I would have done it again because my baby was my life. Now almost a year later, I have return to finacial security whew, moved into my own apartment (no more messy roomate but I am not blaming) and I have allowed the healing to come to the point that I am ready for a new love...

And this is for you... I am looking for a baby boy black or black/brown small 3-5 applehead with ears to die for.... actually the ear thing is a definite for me I love em! I'd adopted but I have a bird that I treasure that needs the baby dog to become aware during the early days of training so ...I live in Brooklyn and I am looking to bring him to my home in August. I can travel but I am looking to spend no more than 500-600 or so... this is only a pet for me and I am not interested in breading... I like the runts noone wants
Thank you for reading my story... look forward to any advice or comments...
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