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Default Hi everyone...

Well I have not been on in awhile, so I thought I'd post and give everyone an update on whats going on
We skipped all fall and winter breedings in favor of spring breedings only on the girls, so in the past month I've bred 3 of the girls we'll be having a very busy
I'm taking a new baby for a friend who wanted to keep her but just does not have the space. She'll be here middle of next's her pic.

We also have news from the aviary part of our
We have two new babies here a 6 week old Timneh Grey and an 8 week old SI. Eclectus male. Here's their pic

And we're waiting on a clutch of 4 little ones from our White Front Amazons to hatch in about 10 days.
Heres a pic of the parents, Sam and Libby.

Other then
Kids are doing well, so are the other 9 Chihuahuas here.
Opps and the strange man who hangs around and keeps insisting that I sleep with him....he claims he's my husband but I'm sure he's

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