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ive found simple salt water better for cleaning eyes than most store bought products, there is a product called angel eyes however that works REALY well.

grooming on a short haired chi i usully suggest additional omega 3 in a high quiality diet and a simple rubber curry comb whihc will not only bring off the shedded hair but stimulate good circulation to the skin. for a real shine after a good groom rub down with a chameios cloth for a lil extra sheene

on long haired chis a deshed rake will easily take out the dead hairs, again add omega 3 (fish oil) and feed a high quality diet. a good rub down with a chameois will again add some shine to the coat as well.

my favoite shamppos thus far, Earthbath, (the coat brightening with lavender is especially nice) and Cain and Able brand shampoos and conditioners.
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